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What To Backup On Computer

Backing up your computer is one of the most important things you can do to protect your data. If your computer is ever damaged or lost, you can restore your data from the backup.

There are many things you should back up on your computer. The most important are your personal files and folders. These include your documents, photos, and music. You should also back up your email and browser settings.

Another important thing to back up is your operating …

Oracle Backup And Recovery Tutorial

Oracle Backup And Recovery Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will discuss the Oracle backup and recovery process.

Oracle Database Backup

Oracle database backups are used to protect your data in the event of a system failure. They can also be used to restore data in the event of data loss or corruption.

There are two types of Oracle backups: online backups and offline backups.

Online backups are backups of the entire database that are taken while the database is online. …