How To Backup Active Directory: The Complete Guide

Active Directory is a very important part of any IT infrastructure. It stores information about how computers are managed in your network, how they connect to each other, and how they authenticate users. A good backup strategy for Active Directory will protect this data against accidental deletion or corruption. This blog post provides you with background on Active Directory backup best practices, the different types of backups that can be made, and how it can be done using tools like …

User Guide Manent

Installation Manent.

Requirements (Windows)

None. Manent for windows now comes with an installer and uses a standalone compiled executable.


  1. Python 2.5.x (and above)
  2. pycrypto
  3. paramiko
  4. (for serving FTP): pyftpdlib

Choosing an encryption key

Use a long, nice encryption key with lots of entropy. I generated my key by the following python code:

import base64, os
print base64.b64encode(os.urandom(30))

Keep the key in the safe place. If your data is completely lost, the key is the critical piece of data necessary …