How to Secure Office 365: The Ultimate Guide

The threat of cyberattacks is a very real and growing problem. In fact, over half of all businesses were victims of ransomware attacks. If you are not taking precautions with how you use Office 365, your data could be at risk! This guide will teach how to protect yourself from these types of threats by teaching how to secure Office 365 and how to avoid common mistakes that leave your data vulnerable.

Office 365 Security Defaults

Defaults for Microsoft Office …

How to Backup A Directory in Linux

There are many ways to backup a directory in Linux, but how do you select one? The majority of people will back up their home directory to an external hard drive. Rsync will be our program, and we’ll use an external USB hard drive as the destination. Let’s get started!

Which directories you must back up

Unfortunately, it’s not at all clear on Linux systems what you need to include in a backup set. And how do you know which …