Restore Previous iCloudBackup

iOS devices are popular for their great design, functionality and user experience. People store a lot of important data on their iOS devices such as photos, messages, contacts, notes, etc. In case of data loss, it becomes very important to restore the lost data from a backup.

iCloudis a cloud-based storage and syncing service by Apple Inc. iCloudallows users to store photos, videos, documents, music, and more. It also allows users to back up their iOS devices and restore the device from the backup.

There are two ways to back up an iOS device using iCloud: automatic and manual. Automatic backup is the default setting. It backups the device when it is connected to a power source, is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and is locked. Manual backup can be done by opening iCloudand tapping on Back Up Now.

iCloudbackups include the following data:

-Photos and videos

-Device settings

-App data

-Home screen and app organization


-Text messages (SMS and MMS)


-Call history

-FaceTime call history







iCloudbackups are not created if the device is:

-In use and connected to the internet

-Restored to factory settings

-Lost or stolen

-Not connected to a power source

-Not connected to a Wi-Fi network

-Passcode is not enabled

iCloudbackups can be restored to an iOS device or to a computer. To restore an iCloudbackup to an iOS device, the device must be turned off and connected to a computer using a USB cable. The computer must have iTunes installed. To restore an iCloudbackup to a computer, the computer must be running macOS Sierra or later or Windows 10 or later.

To restore an iCloudbackup, open iTunes and select the device. Select Restore from iCloudBackup. Select the backup. The device will be restored to the state it was in when the backup was made.

If the device is not connected to a computer or the computer is not running the latest version of iTunes, the device cannot be restored from an iCloudbackup.

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iCloudbackups are a great way to restore data if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged. They are also a great way to restore the device to its previous state if it is restored to factory settings.

How do I download old backups from iCloud?

Apple provides an easy way to download old backups from iCloud. All you need is the iPhone backup you want to download and your iCloudlogin credentials.

To download a backup, open iCloudon your computer and sign in. Click on the “Backups” tab and select “Download a copy of your iCloudbackup.”

You will be prompted to choose a backup to download. Select the one you want and click “Download.”

The backup will be downloaded to your computer.

How do I find old iPhone backups on iCloud?

If you have ever backed up your iPhone data to iCloud, you can access and restore that data from This article will show you how to find old iPhone backups on iCloudand restore them.

First, open a web browser and go to

Log in with your iCloudaccount username and password.

Once you are logged in, click on the “Settings” icon in the top navigation bar.

In the “Settings” menu, click on the “Advanced” tab.

Under the “Advanced” tab, click on the “Restore” link.

In the “Restore” menu, you will see a list of all of the backups that are stored in your iCloudaccount.

To restore an old iPhone backup, click on the “Restore” button next to the backup that you want to restore.

A confirmation dialog will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to restore the backup.

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Click on the “Restore” button to restore the backup.

The backup will be restored to your iPhone, and all of your data will be restored to the iPhone.

How do I retrieve Data from iCloudbackup?

To retrieve data from iCloudbackup, you will need the following:

– iCloudlogin credentials

– A computer with iCloudBackup enabled

To enable iCloudBackup on your computer:

– Open System Preferences

– Click on iCloud

– Click on the Options button next to iCloudBackup

– Make sure that the iCloudBackup slider is turned on

To retrieve data from iCloudbackup:

– Open a web browser and go to

– Log in with your iCloudcredentials

– Click on the Backup button

– Select the device that you want to restore from the backup

– Click on the Restore button

Can I restore my iPhone from iCloudafter setting it up as a new phone?

Yes, you can restore your iPhone from iCloudafter setting it up as a new phone.

To restore your iPhone from iCloud, you’ll need to have an iCloudaccount and be signed in to iCloudon your iPhone. You’ll also need to have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone.

If you meet these requirements, follow these steps to restore your iPhone from iCloud:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap iCloud.

3. Tap Restore iPhone.

4. Tap Restore from iCloudBackup.

5. Enter your iCloudusername and password.

6. Tap Continue.

7. Select the iCloudbackup you want to restore.

8. Tap Restore.

Your iPhone will be restored from the iCloudbackup you selected.

Can I access old iCloudbackups?

Can I access old iCloudbackups?

Yes, you can access old iCloudbackups as long as you have an iCloudaccount and have enabled iCloudBackup. iCloudbackups are stored for up to 30 days, so you should be able to access any backups that were created in the last month.

To access an iCloudbackup, open the iCloudwebsite and sign in. Then, click on the iCloudBackup option. This will show you a list of all the backups that are stored in your iCloudaccount.

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You can then select a backup and view the contents. If you want to download a copy of the backup, you can do so by clicking on the Download button.

How many iPhone backups does iCloudkeep?

Apple iCloudis a service that stores your data and content in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. iCloudincludes a backup feature that automatically backs up your iPhone data to iCloud. This can include your photos, videos, contacts, calendars, messages, and more.

How many iPhone backups does iCloudkeep?

iCloudkeeps the last 5 backups of your iPhone. If you want to keep more backups, you can manually back up your iPhone to iCloudby going to Settings > iCloud> Backup > Back Up Now.

What happens to my old iPhone backups when I upgrade to a new iPhone?

Your old iPhone backups are automatically deleted when you upgrade to a new iPhone. However, you can always manually back up your old iPhone to iCloudif you want to keep them.

Can you selectively restore from iCloud?

Can you selectively restore from iCloud?

Yes, you can selectively restore from iCloud. This means that you can choose which data to restore from your iCloudbackup, and which data to leave out. This is a great feature if you want to restore some of your data, but not all of it.

To selectively restore from iCloud, follow these steps:

1. Open iCloudon your computer.

2. Click on the “Backups” tab.

3. Click on “View Backup” next to the backup you want to restore from.

4. Click on the “Applications” tab.

5. Check the boxes next to the applications you want to restore.

6. Click on the “Restore” button.

7. Click on the “Restore to iPhone” button.

8. Click on the “Restore” button.

9. Click on the “Confirm” button.

10. Click on the “Done” button.

Your applications will now be restored from your iCloudbackup.